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Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change

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As car keys are out-dated, the rise of the car remote or also known as the key fob rises.

Vehicles should keep up with the trend, get rid of those traditional car keys, and start using key fobs. Or soon we might see a flying car.

Key fobs or car remote is an electronic smart key that comes in handy by locking and unlocking your car doors.

It is very convenient and you don’t need to worry about having a spare key for your car or contacting a car locksmith just to open your car.

We know that key fobs are electronic, so it means they have batteries. But what if, the key fob not working after the battery change?

That is the catch of having key fobs, and battery problems.

Good thing is that Lockey Locksmith can do both auto locksmith and car locksmith.

Reasons Why Is It Not Working

Key fobs are very convenient, you don’t need to worry about worn-out car keys, rusty key openings, and lost keys.

It is a battery-operated device, so the only thing you need to do is to change the batteries if it is not working.

But what if after you change the batteries it still doesn’t work? What are the reasons for this issue?

Reasons Why Your Key Fob Is Not Working

  1. Key Fob Buttons

Key fobs have buttons to allow you to access the lock and unlock your car door.

One of the reasons why your key fob is not working after changing batteries is that maybe the buttons are worn out.

There can be a gap between the contacts if these buttons start to wear out.

One of the best ways to identify worn-out car keys is to continuously push the buttons.

Also, there will be a problem with your key fob if the plastic covers are damaged.

Open the key fob using some basic tools, and then inspect it for damaged contacts or crooked buttons.

In the event that doesn’t work, call us and we will definitely help you sort things out.

  1. Car Door Lock

Another reason is that your car door lock is the one causing the problem.

An excellent sign that the key fob doesn’t need any work is if a car door won’t open from the inside or outside.

Broken locks are ones that remain still no matter how much force is applied to them.

To check if the car door lock is the problem, follow these checklists:

  • The car door lock does not operate manually with a key.
  • The key fob opens the other doors, but cannot open some door locks.
  • The light on your key fobs flashes but do not open your car door.
  • Your car door lock does not move fully after pressing the lock button on your key fob.
  1. Key Fob Reset

After changing the batteries of your key fob, there is a chance that it has been reset.

The key fob resets after changing batteries and can be reset by pressing certain buttons.

Pressing buttons on the remote control can result in resetting.

Certain button combinations can instruct the inbuilt computer to discard all of the current keys.

After changing the batteries, if more than one key fob stops operating, reset may be the cause.

Two signs to check if your key fob has been reset:

  • Other spare key fob does not work
  • Your key fob won’t work entirely
  1. Electric Issues

In some circumstances, electrical system damage to the car may be the cause of a key fob not functioning after a battery change.

This might occur following maintenance on the vehicle during which the side panels or dashboard have to be taken off and put back on.

Wires become visible as panels are removed.

They may unintentionally be damaged or sometimes disconnected while being serviced or when the panels are being reinstalled.

Fixing this problem is one of the reasons why you should call an auto locksmith service to further inspect and know what the problems are.

Make a call to the best Locksmith in Pittsburgh

You can be in a panic if your key fob stops working after a battery change, however, the above-mentioned cause can be resolved by calling an auto locksmith.

The solutions become a little trickier when a key fob stops functioning following a battery change.

But you can always call a locksmith to lessen your struggle when the key fob not working after a fbattery change.

Lockey Locksmith will help you and send a well-trained locksmith to assist you with your problem.

Give us a call now and your key fob problem will be solved by our professional locksmith.

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