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Key Broke in Ignition? Here’s What to Do

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For car drivers out there, have you experienced your key breaking into your car ignition?

Even though it is a rare experience, it can happen to you anytime and anywhere in the most unexpected situation.

If you are reading this article, you might be preparing for this scenario to happen.

Or you are currently in the exact situation we are referring to.

It might be a frustrating situation, but you can do something to solve a key that broke in ignition. Here’s what to do.

Reasons Why Your Key Broke in Ignition

Before learning what to do with your broken key in ignition, you must know why it broke in the first place.

That way, you can prevent the mistake in the future.

Here are some reasons why your key broke in ignition:

  1. Mistake in the transmission gear

Cars have this feature that you can’t take out a key when you are on the drive.

To take out the car key, you must set the gear to parking for automatic cars or neutral for manual cars.

Once you attempt to take the key out with the car that is not in parking or neutral gear, there is a chance for your key to break.

  1. Worn out key

Through time, keys get worn out, especially after years of service.

If you see some deformation, cracks, or bends, the key is nearing its service life.

Key duplication is the best option before your key breaks into pieces.

At LocKey Locksmith, we have an auto locksmith who can duplicate car keys at your request.

All you have to do is call us and provide some proof as the car owner.

  1. Key Used For Opening Packages

While using a key can be convenient and effective in opening your packages, some debris can get stuck on the key.

Debris stuck on the key or even in the ignition cylinder can get your key stuck and harder to remove.

Thus, it is best not to use your key for other purposes except turning on the ignition cylinder.

Things to Do For a Broken Key in Ignition

Now that you know how to prevent breaking your key in the car ignition, here’s what you can do if you want to get your key out of the ignition:

  1. Find the right extraction tool.

If the key leaves a fragment exposed from the ignition, you can use some extraction tools to pull the key out.

You can use pliers, tweezers, or any tool that can hold the key and pull it out using force.

  1. Apply lubricant

You can apply a lubricant, preferably WD-40, to reduce friction between the key and ignition cylinder while pulling out.

Just make sure you only apply a significant amount to prevent further damaging the ignition.

  1. Try and try until you pull the key out.

Since you only rely on your force and tools, it is a trial-and-error method.

Also, don’t wiggle the key too much while in the ignition since it can damage the ignition cylinder.

Gently try and try until you pull the car key out of the ignition.

The steps mentioned above are only applicable if a key fragment is slightly out of the ignition.

If you cannot see the key from the ignition, that is the time to call for professional help.

LocKey Locksmith to the Rescue

If your car key breaks into the ignition here in Pittsburgh, you can rely on a car locksmith from the LocKey Locksmith.

We have a team of certified and excellent locksmiths in Pittsburgh who conduct comprehensive car locksmith services – no matter how small or big the lock or key issue is.

Aside from extracting a car key from the ignition, we are also experts in unlocking doorknobs, lock installation, key duplication, and key programming.

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At LocKey Locksmith, you will have no regrets.

We will make sure to dispatch the best auto locksmith to your location immediately after your call.

Our locksmith services are equipped with the advanced tools and devices to safely unlock, install, and repair your keys and locks for you.

So what are you waiting for?

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