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How to Unlock a Door Without a Keyhole

Top-notch lock and security services.

Locks provide the security you need to prevent unwanted guests and unauthorized persons from entering your place.

These locks come with their dedicated keys so that you can unlock them.

There are different types of locks, such as padlocks, doorknobs, deadbolts, and sliding bolts – each has a keyhole for the key to access.

Moreover, there are special types of locks that don’t have keyholes.

Lock manufacturers know that at least once in our life, we may have accidentally lost or forgotten our keys and can’t open the door.

Smart, electronic, and combination types of locks usually don’t have dedicated keyholes.

Instead, you can unlock them through a key card, a password, or a number combination code.

If you are unfamiliar with how to unlock a door without a keyhole, LocKey Locksmith is here to teach you.

LocKey Locksmith is a reliable locksmith in Pittsburgh, which you can always call in times of need.

Unlocking Combination Locks

Combination locks use number codes instead of a keyhole to unlock.

This type of lock has a pre-set combination.

After buying a combination lock, you need to change the pre-set combination.

If you set your own number combination lock, you will have no trouble memorizing it.

In unlocking combination locks, all you have to do is align the number code into the designated mark, usually symbolized with an arrow.

In case of a dial combination lock, you should turn the dial corresponding to the code one by one.

Unlocking Electronic Locks

An electronic lock, as its name implies, uses electricity to ensure that your doors are secured from unauthorized entries.

Most electronic locks use a number pad, which means like combination locks, you can set a password based on a special occasion date.

You can unlock your electronic lock by entering the code you have set.

But if you forgot the code and can’t recall it, it would be best to call for a locksmith in Pittsburgh.

LocKey Locksmith can get you out of the misery of getting locked out of your own place.

Its locksmith services cover opening and resetting the code for electronic locks.

Unlocking Smart Locks

A smart lock is pretty similar to an electronic lock.

The only difference is a smart lock has more advanced features.

Today, most smart locks are equipped with mobile phone access – you can unlock a door through your mobile phone.

And since you have smart access to your door, you can also see in the mobile app if someone has opened your lock without permission.

Since you always have your mobile phone with you, getting locked out of your place with a smart lock would never be an inconvenience.

Unlocking Doors Manually

If you are here to know how to unlock a door without a keyhole because you have been locked out by losing your key or forgetting the combination, we can offer you some tips on how to unlock it manually.

However, the chance of doing the techniques depends on your skills and available materials.

Here are some ways to unlock your door without a keyhole manually:

Use a Plastic Card

Hold the doorknob and push the door to widen the gap between the door and its door frame.

Insert the plastic card into the gap, touching the bolt/latch.

Then, wiggle the card and slide it down while turning the doorknob repeatedly to detach the latch from its strike plate.

Remove the Doorknob

If you can locate the screws holding the doorknob, use a screwdriver to detach the doorknob.

Remove the Hinge

If the door swings towards you, you can locate the hinge holding the door on the side.

Place a screwdriver under the hinge pin at an angle.

Then, use a hammer to tap the screwdriver and remove the pin from the hinge.

Make sure to do the task carefully as you are removing the hinge of a heavy door.

Call a locksmith

If you get locked out of a property with a door without a keyhole, it is best to call a trusted locksmith in Pittsburgh.

The locksmith has the complete set of tools to unlock the door for you safely and without damage.

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