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How To Unlock A Door Without A Key

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Did you know that based on a survey, 70% of the population always forgets their keys?

Lost or misplaced keys are a common problem for us but could be very troublesome. So, what is the best way to unlock your door without a key?

LocKey Locksmith is what you need, the best locksmith in Pittsburgh, and we got you covered.

Less stress to try and unlock your door, save your energy, and time; sit back and let the auto locksmith do all the work.

There is a more simple way to enter the house, and the following are some quick tips to help you open your door without a key:

 Bobby pins

The bobby pin lock pick is one of the most popular methods how to unlock a door without a key.

It is described as a “rake pick” and may be used to unlock any door with lock-locking systems.

One of the simplest and most straightforward is this and the practical hack trick is as easy as using a bobby pin.

But doing it is not that simple.

Finding the excellent choice, who will help with the process, is a hard job.


It’s simple to open a door without a key using a screwdriver.

Here are the simple ways how to unlock a door without a key using screwdriver.

  1. Find the one that fits your lock the best, then slide it into the little space between

the door and frame just above the handle or knob.

  1. Place the screwdriver’s tip into the space between the bottom of the door and the floor while holding it in your right hand.
  1. Once you hear a click, turn counterclockwise.
  1. Repeat the clockwise turn until you hear a second click. Open the door at last.


You seem been thinking if a knife could be used in this kind of situation.

But guess what, you can unlock your door without a key by trying this strategy.

If you know how you can use a knife to unlock your door.

  • You must first unlock the lock.
  • To accomplish this, use your knife to wedge it between the top of the keyhole and the top of the actual lock your knife.
  • To unlock the blade, you will then need to gently press down on it.

 Credit Cards

Sometimes you have to use an unusual approach to finish the work.

A brand-new method for picking locks is becoming popular.

It only needs a credit card and one of those little tool kits you can get at Pittsburgh; it doesn’t call for any expertise or equipment.

The actual method is simple and clear: just push the credit card against the strike plate’s bottom by sliding it into the door jamb.

By doing this, you’ll be able to push the doorknob or open the door normally by forcing the bolt back.

 Removing the Hinges

By removing the hinges, you may unlock your door without a key.

Hinges are used to keep things where they belong by blocking doors from being opened.

All you need for that is a hammer, a puller, and a hinge remover.

These items are easily reachable at the market or even at home.

Have trouble opening your door? Call LocKey Locksmith

You know how difficult it may be to attempt to get back inside if you’ve ever locked yourself out of your car or house.

A backup key should always be kept outside and secured in case of an emergency, but what if you lose that as well?

It can appear that there is no alternative if the lock is damaged or blocked, making it impossible for you to even open the door.

However, all the above options are some smarter ways to return to your own house without damaging anything.

However, LocKey Locksmith is a professional assistant when it comes to locksmiths in Pittsburgh.

We offer services such as;

  • Lock Installation, Maintenance, and Replacement
  • Lock Replacement
  • Emergency services

We are a trusted local locksmith in Pittsburgh and we can quickly open your door by handling all of your lock and key problems.

Contact us whenever you need a locksmith for your home, business, or car.

We are more than delighted to help you with any locksmith requirements and give you our services as an auto locksmith.

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