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How to Unlock a Bathroom Door From the Outside

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If you are a parent, you have probably thought of what-if scenarios regarding child care.

And one what-if that might have come through your mind is, what if my toddler gets locked inside the bathroom?

Some toddlers find turning a bathroom doorknob difficult.

If they have locked themselves inside a bathroom accidentally, without a doubt, you might start panicking.

Now, to prepare yourself for this what-if scenario, LocKey Locksmith is here to teach you how to unlock a bathroom door from the outside.

Whether the what-if scenario will happen or not, you will need this skill whenever the bathroom door is locked and can’t be opened.

Fortunately, most bathroom doors use privacy locks instead of complicated and smart locks for higher security.

Here are some ways you can follow to answer your question about how to unlock a bathroom door from the outside. 

Using a Butter Knife/Bobby Pin/Screwdriver

To unlock a bathroom door from the outside, you should prepare a butter knife, a bobby pin, and a thin screwdriver.

You can insert these tools into the bathroom doorknob’s keyhole.

For the butter knife, you can try inserting it like how you insert your key.

Gently wiggle the knife until it goes all the way through the doorknob.

Twist the doorknob to unlock the bathroom door.

If the butter knife is unsuccessful in opening the bathroom door, you can use a straightened bobby pin.

Insert the bobby pin as straight and flat as possible.

At the same time, turn the doorknob and wiggle the bobby pin to open the locked bathroom door.

Lastly, if the bobby pin does not work, use a screwdriver with a thin rod.

Like the butter knife and bobby pin, insert the screwdriver into the keyhole.

Wiggle the screwdriver and do not turn the door knob.

Wait until you hear the lock from the inside releasing.

Using a Sturdy Card

Sturdy cards, such as IDs, loyalty cards, and credit cards, can unlock a bathroom door from the outside.

However, make sure to use an old or unused card because it can break while unlocking the doorknob.

So, slide the sturdy card between the latch and the door frame.

Bend and wiggle the card continuously to detach the latch from the strike plate.

Removing the Doorknob

If you see exposed screws from the doorknob, remove those screws using a screwdriver or drill.

But if you don’t see screws, place a screwdriver between the slit in the throat of the doorknob and the door.

Begin pulling the door handle to expose the inner parts of the doorknob.

Undo the screws inside the doorknob and dismantle the other parts.

Using a Pick-Locking Set

There is a pick-locking set you can buy in the market or online.

If you have one, follow the instructions since one pick-locking set might be different from the other.

Expect that it always has two rods, which you can use to unlock a bathroom door from the outside.

Put Your Trust in a Locksmith

The ways presented above are mostly done through trial and error.

There is a high chance that you will damage the lock before unlocking the bathroom door.

To avoid costly repairs and lock replacement, a locksmith in Pittsburgh is your best choice.

LocKey Locksmith can handle unlocking any kind of door without breaking the locks.

With our advanced locksmith tools, you don’t have to worry about a damaged lock.

Also, we understand how time is crucial in unlocking doors on your property, so that’s why we always make sure to move right away after your call.

For emergency lockout situations, our locksmith in Pittsburgh got your back.

Comprehensive Locksmith Services

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No matter how complicated the key or lock issue is, our car locksmith and locksmith services are ready to serve you.

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