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How To Remove A Locked Door Knob From The Outside

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Got locked outside your house? and wondering how you can pull out the door knob from the outside?

Most door knobs nowadays have built-in provisions for removal.

It’s not easy to do all this work by yourself, a professional and experienced locksmith is the right man to call.

You can simply remove a residential door lock on your own, whether you want to replace the lock completely or you need to do so to complete a repair.

Lockey Locksmith got you covered with this kind of trouble.

It’s not common to think of removing a locked door knob from the outside, but it is not impossible to do, especially with a guidance of a professional locksmith in Pittsburgh.

It’s time to give us a call, we can help you with your problem and you can just relax and watch us do the work.

Common Tools To Use

Yes, you only need common tools like a Phillips screwdriver and a flathead screwdriver.

These kinds of tools are found in your father’s toolbox and it is very easy to tell which tool it is. You cannot go wrong in using these tools.

Now you have these tools and you know how to use them, do you know where to start? Or do you know which part you are going to remove?

In every problem, there will always be a catch, and this time the catch is how tedious removing a locked door knob from the outside is.

These are the steps on how to remove the locked door knob:

Unscrew the Door Knob

  • Unscrew the locked door knob from the door handles.

This step seems to be easy but can be tricky at some point but when you get the hang of it, this will be a piece of cake.

Remember to not lose the screws, you might need them in the future.

Removing The Rose Plate

  • Door rose plates are rectangular and sometimes oblong that go around the doorknob and have some kind of key opening.
  • Once you locate the rose plate, remove or unscrew it using a Phillips screwdriver.

Removing the FacePlate

  • A faceplate is a metal plate located on the edge of the door and is next to the deadbolt or the latch.
  • It protects the lock from wearing and tearing.
  • Remove or unscrew the face plate together with the latch or the deadbolt.
  • Place them aside altogether.

Remove the Door Knob

  • Finally, we are now ready to remove the remaining door knob.
  • This step is so simple but you need a lot of strength to pull the remaining door knob from the door itself.
  • The steps are very easy to follow but what if there are no visible screws? Or your only option is to break into your window just for you to come in?

What to Consider?

Now you know how to remove your doorknob, it is time to consider replacing your doorknob once removed.


The primary function of a door knob is to open and close a door.

Select door knobs that are simple to use as a result.

Any door should have knobs that are not too small or slippery to handle.

 Safe and Secure

A key or a lock may be present on a door knob and for those who live in homes, this means safety.

Children and animals won’t be able to enter different rooms unsecured as long as you lock your door.

Laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms can all be unsafe areas that require locking.

There is a level of security offered by locks.

Locking the door will prevent outsiders from entering a house.


We require privacy in addition to security and safety.

In restrooms, bedrooms, and study spaces, lockable door knobs give you a feeling of security.

Enjoying your home will be made possible by knowing you can lock a room and have some privacy, even for an hour.

After a long day, some “alone time” is always pleasant.


Everything on the inside and exterior of the home is considered home design.

The same is true with doorknobs.

Your home will look more beautiful because of the color, substance, and shape of the door knobs.

Therefore, you can’t merely choose door knobs that can be awkward on the doors.

Be sure to take this into account when replacing items.

Residential Locksmith Services?

Of course, if you encounter any problems while trying to remove a lock at your property, feel free to contact Lockey Locksmith in Pittsburgh.

Calling a professional auto locksmith is the best way to do this, it will lessen your stress, time, and effort to remove the locked door knob, and of course, lessen your worries

Contact us and we will make sure you will no longer experience this kind of problem anymore.

We will guide you on how to properly maintain your door knob or anything that concerns your locks by providing dependable services just like we do for years now.

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