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How To Get A Broken Key Out Of A Lock

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After a long day of work in Pittsburgh, you want to relax and chill at home, as you open the door and insert your keys, you notice that it won’t move.

At this point, you keep on turning the key until it snaps.

Now your plan to relax is ruined just because of the broken key that got stocked in the lock.

A good way to fix this is to call us LocKey Locksmith and don’t do anything because it just might get worse.

Using materials from your house, you can remove a broken key from a lock but we suggest calling the best locksmith in Pittsburgh.

But what are the reasons why these things happen?

Let’s dive into it!

Why Do Keys Breaks in Lock?

Do you ever think about why do keys breaks?

When that happens, do you ever wonder how to get a broken key out of a lock?

Several problems may contribute to this situation and you can discover some methods that work and some that don’t on the internet.

We’re going to explain to you what locksmiths do, and we’ve tried and tested a well-known internet method that we think could actually work.

  • Metals like brass and nickel, which are relatively soft, are used to make standard keys.
  • The key has been worn down by time and use.
  • The lock itself is either stuck or poorly oiled.

What to Do After the Key Breaks?

Whatever the reason for the broken key within the lock, whether it be a home lock, a commercial lock, or a car lock, it has to be fixed right away by using an auto locksmith.

Hopefully, you’ll remember how to enter the key properly, and you may use a paperclip or tiny screwdriver to orient the cylinder to enable the pins to move freely for the key to come out.

Do Not Use Your Keys Again!

Many individuals believe that if their key breaks in the lock, they may still unlock it by inserting the remaining key.

Do not attempt this.

You will drive the damaged section of the blade farther into the lock if you try to reinsert your key.

Each of these ways will function, some more quickly and easily.

You will struggle harder as the key moves further back into the lock.

Some of these techniques might fail if you jam the key too far into the lock.

Put the broken piece of the key you have in your pocket or on the ground.

But do not use it again.

You shouldn’t get rid of it, though, and hold onto your half so you may deliver both pieces to your nearby locksmith.

A locksmith can create a new key using both of your existing keys.

Take the Lock Apart

The lock should be removed to reveal the cylinder’s rear side.

This is the simplest and fastest method.

You may push the key out of the cylinder by inserting your fingertips through holes on the opposite side of the cylinder.

Remove the lock from the door in order to access the lock.

Take a look at the cylinder, the component into which you typically insert the key, from the outside.

Do you notice a gap? In many instances, you may simply force the broken key out of the cylinder by inserting a paper clip or other tiny rod into the back of the cylinder through another hole.

But if you are having a hard time taking the lock apart, you may just take it to a nearby locksmith in Pittsburgh.

LocKey Locksmith has it disassembled and reassembled for you if you don’t feel comfortable doing that.

Paper Clip

This approach to key removal is quite similar to the key extraction tool approach.

What are the chances that you’ve got a key removal tool lying around because you are not an auto locksmith?

This is the “try anything that is available” method, so use whatever similar little, circular, rough object you have on hand.

Glue Stick – The Online Hack

There has been a lot of internet discussion about “life hacks” that include glue sticks.

Maybe you are one of those who want to try out when the moment comes how to get a broken key out of your lock.

The glue stick’s tip should be made bendable before being inserted into the keyhole.

It could be possible to remove the glue if it becomes soft enough to conform to the key and then becomes solid enough.

But at the end of the day, it can be useful for removing your key from a lock but still depends on how the key is broken.

Time to call a Locksmith!

We, LocKey Locksmith offer services such as Emergency lockout. Contact us now here in Pittsburgh.

No matter where you locked your keys—inside your car, home, or office—our professionals will quickly arrive to help you get inside while handling your things with respect.

Our job makes it a top priority to rapidly and efficiently handle our clients’ problems so that they may go about their day.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today to give our best auto locksmith right away.

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