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How to Break Into Your Car

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Let’s face it and be honest.

At some point in the past, we may have forgotten or lost our keys without noticing immediately.

That inevitably happens to all, and you don’t have to blame yourself too much.

Forgetting or losing a key also frequently happens for car drivers.

Based on a survey in 2018, about 1 out of 20 drivers have lost their car keys for good.

In case you have lost or misplaced your key somewhere and don’t have a spare key, you only have one choice  – you have to break into your own car.

LocKey Locksmith, one of the top locksmith companies in Pittsburgh, is here to teach you some ways how to break into your car.

We understand the inconvenience when you can’t enter your car, especially after a tiring day.

Follow the guide we have presented below.

Unlocking the Car Door with a Wedge and Poker Tool

Cars usually have a manual or electric lock inside, which you may reach from the outside through the car doors.

First, you need to find a thin and sturdy tool which you need to insert between the top part of the door and the car’s body.

A ruler or knife can be the perfect wedge tool.

Then, you need a poker, such as a clothes hanger or a car antenna.

Straighten the poker and make a hook on its end.

Lastly, insert the poker into the created gap, reach for the car’s lock, and unlock it manually using the hook end of the poker.

Unlocking the Car Door with Slim Jim

This method is only applicable to cars with manual locks.

On the passenger’s door, insert a wedge between the window and weatherstripping.

Then, slide the slim jim, the notched end first, on the gap made by the wedge.

Slide the slim jim, making sure it is always vertically straight until you see the lock moving subtly.

Lastly, pull the slim jim upwards carefully to unlock the passenger’s door.

It is best to limit attempts to once or twice to prevent damaging the other mechanisms.

Call a locksmith in Pittsburgh if your attempts are unsuccessful.

Break in Through the Trunk

There are instances when the car is locked, but the trunk is open.

In this case, first, you need to look for the emergency cord that opens a space from the trunk to the car.

Pull the cord to unlock the back passenger seats and let them fall forward.

Now, you can climb through the car and unlock it from the inside.

Call a Certified Locksmith

Cars, especially modern ones, have tightened their security.

Their locks have become more sensitive in case of unwanted break-ins.

That’s why it is still best to rely on a car locksmith to unlock your car from the outside when you lose your key.

An auto locksmith has the necessary tools and equipment to unlock your car door without damaging the locks and other mechanisms – saving you from possible costly repairs.

Here in Pittsburgh, you can rely on LocKey Locksmith for an excellent and top-rated auto locksmith.

Our car locksmith services guarantee safe and accurate unlocking techniques.

All-Inclusive Locksmith Services in Pittsburgh

Aside from auto locksmith services, LocKey Locksmith offers top-quality key and lock installation and repair services.

We can work with you to decide the best lock security for your property.

Our locksmith in Pittsburgh offers the following services:

  • Key duplication
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Transponder key programming
  • Broken lock repair
  • High-security lock installation
  • Smart lock installation
  • Damaged lock part replacement
  • Rekeying
  • House lockout opening

These are just some of the locksmith services we offer.

You can always connect with our team if you have any issues with your keys and locks.

Connect with a Locksmith Now

Again, a professional locksmith in Pittsburgh can help you with your key and lock issues without damaging them.

In case you have been locked out, destroying the locks can be more expensive in the long run because you need to pay for key replacement and lock reinstallation.

LocKey Locksmith understands the inconvenience and security concern of a lost key or a broken lock.

So, we guarantee to arrive at your location as soon as possible.

Connect with our auto locksmith and locksmith in Pittsburgh now.

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