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Changing Apartment Locks In Pittsburgh

Top-notch lock and security services.

Locks can occasionally malfunction like any other mechanical component.

But because locks are so important to the security system, any problems must be fixed right as to prevent a possible security breach.

Changing locks has become a relatively simple operation, but the true issue is selecting the best locksmith to receive better lock-changing services.

Did you just move into a new apartment and notice the old locks? Or do you want to change your locks to new ones?

Locks are important in a residential setting, especially in an apartment.

Leaving your home, going to work, or being away for a long time, you should double-check how strong your locks are.

Apartments are the most convenient residential home for adults, especially for those who are working in Pittsburgh.

Apartments locks get rusty as time passes by and some previous owners of the house don’t notice these kinds of things which are very important in a home.

If you’re living in Pittsburgh and want to change your apartment locks, this is the best time to call an expert locksmith in Pittsburgh.

Lockey Locksmith can help you change your apartment’s locks and have various references on which lock to choose from.

When To Change Apartment Locks?

First, you must ask permission from your landlords before changing your apartment locks.

Landlords are responsible for changing apartment locks before someone moves in or someone is planning to rent the apartment.

After asking for permission, this is the time to call us.

There are several types of locks to choose from, whether you like the common knob or smart locks.

Knob Locks

Knob locks are the most common and most used locks not just in residential settings, but also in establishments.

The lock cylinder is found inside the knob instead of the usual locks that are found indoors.

Therefore, knob locks shouldn’t be used on exterior doors since they are simple to pick with a hammer or wrench.

Deadbolt Locks

To prevent break-ins or burglaries even more effectively, deadbolts are used.

Deadbolt locks are less vulnerable to breaking into.

The simplest deadbolts have a single cylinder and may be opened from one side using a key.

Deadbolts with two cylinders can be opened using a key from either side.

Similar to single and double deadbolts, vertical deadbolts operate by moving the lock vertically instead of horizontally.

This position is less vulnerable to being forced in by using a tool like a crowbar to pry open the door, well of course not most people in Pittsburgh have a crowbar.


Padlocks are free-standing objects, they are transportable and not affixed to a door or container permanently, unlike other lock kinds.

They are available in several models that are divided into keyed and combination categories, keyed alike, keyed differently, and keyable are some of the kinds of keyed padlocks.

Due to their mobility and distinctive looped-handle shackle design, padlocks are simple to identify.

As guarded or hooded padlocks, they may have elevated shoulders around the shackle to prevent bolt cutters from breaking through them.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are adaptable electronic door locks that provide additional methods for locking and unlocking a door.

The ability to lock and open a smart lock using a phone or key fob is its greatest advantage, even though many smart locks also contain a keypad and a keyhole.

These locks require electricity to operate the linked features, and their batteries must be changed frequently.

Lockey Locksmith can also help you with electrical locks or smart locks, these locksmiths in Pittsburgh are very versatile.

In both homes and offices, door locks play a vital role.

Because of this, it’s crucial to take the time to conduct thorough research before choosing a door lock for your establishment.

Reach us today!

It guarantees that you pick the one that best satisfies your needs for privacy, security, and safety.

Changing apartment locks in Pittsburgh has become more accessible.

Call us today and we will guide you on changing your locks through our auto locksmiths.

We, Lockey Locksmith have the necessary toolkits to fix problems with even the most expertise in various locks.

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