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Car Door Won’t Open From Inside

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Have you ever been locked out of your car?

Don’t worry because you are not the only one.

Most drivers have forgotten or lost their car keys at least once in their lives.

But did you ever experience getting locked inside of a car that no matter how many times you pull the door lever, the door is not opening?

This article will answer why your car door won’t open from inside.

You are truly lucky as the top-rated locksmith in Pittsburgh, the LocKey Locksmith, is here to provide reasonable and accurate answers to your car door lock question.

Reasons Why a Car Door Won’t Open From the Inside

Like any other machine, cars can malfunction due to human fault, wear and tear, and damage to their parts.

Car locks play an integral role in the security of the car.

Of course, you don’t want somebody to access your car without permission.

Once the locks get damaged, you need to call a car locksmith right away.

But going back to the issue of why your car door won’t open from inside, this malfunction could be possibly caused by the following:

  1. Lock Connection Issues

Car locks are interconnected within your car mechanism through wires, especially if you have electric locks.

If the connection through the car door latch gets damaged, there is a high chance for the car door locks to get jammed.

Moreover, issues with the connections on the door lock cylinder and interior locking switch can be the possible causes of why the door won’t open from the inside.

  1. Engaged Child Lock

Not necessarily a car issue, but the possible reason why your car door won’t open is that the child lock was activated.

The back seat, where children usually sit, has doors with a child lock switch on the door.

Back seat passengers can switch on the child lock mechanism by accident while getting out of the back seat door.

To open a car door with an activated child lock, all you have to do is open it from the outside.

  1. Presence of Rust and Dirt 

Through time, your cars will accumulate dirt and rust, especially if you are behind in car maintenance.

The dirt and rust can affect the car door lock mechanism, limiting the movements of the other garage door parts, which results in jamming the car doors.

  1. Broken lock

Due to everyday wear and tear, the car door locks can break.

It is just an inevitable occurrence you have to accept.

If the car door lock is broken, luckily, you can still get out of the car through the other doors.

However, it is best to lean on an auto locksmith to check the other door locks and see if they are near their service life.

What to Do if the Car Won’t Open From Inside

If the car won’t open from the inside, inform the driver to check if the security lock buttons are engaged.

But if not, and you can’t get out no matter what you do, it is time to call for a car locksmith nearby.

At LocKey Locksmith, we are always prepared to dispatch an excellent auto locksmith from our team to get you out of your car.

Our team understand how inconvenient it is to get locked inside a car.

So we guarantee to come to you as fast as possible with the right tools and equipment to open your car door.

Fast and Efficient Locksmith Services in Pittsburgh

A car is not the only place you can get locked out.

More often than not, people call for a locksmith in Pittsburgh to unlock their rooms, houses, office, and even mailbox.

Fortunately, here in Pittsburgh, LocKey Locksmith is only one call away to solve your key and lock issues.

No matter how small or big the job is, as long as it is related to keys and locks, we are the right ones for the job.

Our methodologies are tailored according to your needs – ensuring fast and efficient locksmith services in Pittsburgh.

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LocKey Locksmith vows to prioritize customer satisfaction.

If you need a locksmith in Pittsburgh for an emergency, we are always ready to provide the appropriate key and lock solutions.

For the best auto locksmith and locksmith services here in Pittsburgh, call our service-oriented and friendly team now.

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